J. Ortiz, founder and creator of Loscar Creations, was Born in Colon, Panama, in 1980. Several years later, his family relocated to Brooklyn, NY, and that's where he grew up for most of his life. While there, Mr. Ortiz lived with both parents and his older brother Rey. While living in New York, he became inspired by the graffiti that artistically brought every corner to life.

 Before he ever thinks of taking art seriously, at the age of 22, he made a hard decision to join the USN (Navy). That hard decision turned out to be one of the best choices as it made the opportunity to see the world available. He honorably served his time and completed 10yrs of military service before taking on challenges for his dreams. While putting things in motion to be an entrepreneur, he learned how to weld. He started welding on Nuclear submarines at the Huntington Ingalls Newport News shipyard. Since then, he's contributed to the completion of three American warships that give us that sea power presence. 

As time moved forward working at the shipyard, those thoughts of becoming an artist became a reality. Grafitti was the form of artistry that influenced him to use spray paint in most of his work. Creative spray paint techniques beautifully craft each piece.  His artwork speaks to people from all walks of life and inspires the artist that lies in all people. Through his creations, he seeks to encourage creative freedom in those future artists as he was inspired. Early on, his work captured the abstract essence of the celestial heavens. As time passed, his theoretical work transitioned to acrylic as he sharpened his skills.

J. Ortiz is a family man that believes in family values. He is a renaissance man that has contributed to art, fashion, and acting through his talents and passion for the arts.




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