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This BLOG will not be much of a blog at all but more of an announcement. An announcement for all willing and able to attend.  As you probably already know, this is my very first calendar. Yes, I'm pictured in all 12 months. 

So, to say the making of this calendar and other projects was an experience doesn't even come close to what this journey really has been. There's one thing im positive about, you will not be disappointed. You will learn a little more about me and my life experiences, Favorite music and mental health.  Mental health awareness is a new passion of mines. Not because I deal with it myself, but the ppl around me who I hold dear, do!

J. Ortiz

Rich Reese Management We would like to cordially invite you to the beginning of our new client J. ORTIZ journey into the entertainment world under our management team and we are very excited to say the least. **Hardcopy will be available day of event**               ***Digital copy available*** (With your purchase of a digital copy you receive a 11x17 autographed poster) Come get to know J. Ortiz and get your calendar autographed. Take pictures and party with the Hottest DJ while drinking and eating some great food. We will also have a few words from Letitia Laurien who will blow your mind and inform you on something that will change your life. It is a celebration that will be an EPIC NIGHT to remember and you don't want to miss it. 

FM Restaurant 

320 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510 

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