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WHAT A SUCCESS the release party for DÉBUT turned out to be.

    As my managment said...

Rich Reese Management PSA: They were excited beyond measure to say the event was a complete success. We SOLD OUT of our FIRST RUN OF CALENDARS and we are ordering MORE as sales continue to escalate. 

Pictured above: The centerfold of DÉBUT 

Captured by: 

Mandisha Nicole(B.A.B.E. production)

The night for me was nothing short of pure JOY. Just seeing family in the building along with very close friends and even strangers made it all worth it. FM RESTAURANT (downtown Granby) made everyone feel welcomed by providing a friendly atmosphere which lead to a night of success. The message about mental health was serious, IS SERIOUS. I'm just glad everyone in attendance really took in the information that was given and the real life experiences revealed to them. Remember its all around us, we just need to pay more attention and give more consideration to those battling daily. 

Thank you to everyone who came out. 



Hard copies & Digital available 

J. Ortiz

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