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The selection of epoxy colors is a critical aspect of any epoxy project as it plays a pivotal role determining the final outcome. We offer a wide range of epoxy colors in varying shades and intensities, offering numerous options to cater to your project wants and needs. By carefully choosing the right color combinations, we can create an exclusive and bespoke look that sets your project apart, making it standout in every aspect.


Mica Flakes

Mica flakes are versatile and offer unique properties like heat resistance, electrical insulation and durability. They can be used in various applications, from residentia projects to industrial uses.


Liquid Pigments

Liquid pigments for epoxy adds vibrant colors to your projects, allowing you to mix and match colors for the desired shade.


Metallic Powders

Add a 3D effect to your project with epoxy metallic powders. It creates a stunning visual effect that makes your project stand out. 

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