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J. Ortiz

Loscar Creations CEO


J. Ortiz, the founder of Loscar Creations, is a professional artist who specializes in abstract and scenery acrylic-based paintings on wood, canvas, floors, and countertops. Mr. Ortiz is also well-versed as a Diamond Coat Epoxy Installer.


While born a proud native of Colon, Panama, the birthplace of, Mr. Ortiz’s love for art stems from his experiences while growing up in Brooklyn, New York. He describes the beauty of graffiti art that canvased every corner in the city as inspiring, breath-taking, and life-changing. This was the birth of a life-long love affair.


While art would become his passion, At the age of 22, Mr. Ortiz was faced with a difficult, yet life-changing decision, to join the United States Navy. While serving he was able to see and explore so many different countries and their cultures that would positively change his perspective of the world forever. After serving for ten years in the military, he accepted a position with Huntington Ingalls as a welder, and with that, came the stability of not having to deploy, which allowed him to revisit his passion as an artist and entrepreneur.

As time continued to propel forward, Ortiz was able to take, what was once a dream and make it his reality. It was the influence of graffiti art that really pushed him to explore spray paint and incorporate that in much of his work in the beginning of his career. As time went on, he pushed himself to cultivate his skillset as an artist and his theoretical work transitioned to him using acrylic and epoxy coating. Both techniques can be found in some of his most recent, beautifully crafted, works of art.


J. Ortiz’s artwork has been known to inspire people from all walks of life and challenge them to explore the artist that lies within. As Mr. Ortiz so eloquently stated, “I seek to encourage creative freedom in future artist, just as I was inspired by those before me”. Reminding us with every pour of his paint, it is never too late to turn your passion into a dream and that dream into reality.


It's never too late

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Loscar Creations embodies creativity and an eye for detail.  The pieces designed  leads its viewers on a journey of wonder as their eyes discover the beauty and artistry of the painter!  Magnificent.

Akisha Chante 

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