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This is just the beginning to a great post. Yesterday, it was surely a great day despite the gloomy weather over the Hampton Roads area. We can start with my effectuating 9 to 5 (more like 5am to 4pm). The day ran smooth with non-stop productivity and no mishaps, But thats definitely not the highlight of my day. What took the top spot was the offical announcement from my management team. RICH REESE MANAGMENT proudly announced I was the newest member, model, actor, artist, writer to the team. It just feels good to be with a company that not only lets you be great, but also pushes and encourages you to expand an break your creative limits. We all heard the saying 'the sky is the limit' but we know there's more out there beyond our sky. So, on that note I wanna say thank you to RRMgt. Much respect to Rich Reese management for adding me to the team and most of all believeing in me. Also congratulations to another artist on the roster, Kbana Blaq. This guy is nothing but talented in all facets of the word. See you at the top. #itsnevertoolate J. Ortiz 

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