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Loscar Creations                   "Creative spray Gallery"

What some people didn't know was that the talented J. Ortiz is not only a Father, Model, Actor and Mental Health Advocate, he creates beautiful artwork too! On March 24, 2018, Ortiz presented his First Gallery Showcase at the Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News, VA; shocking his audience with beautiful masterpieces.

Ortiz describes his artwork as thought-provoking designs that bring a sense of peace. They (artwork) can bring vibrance to any space they occupy. His audience describes the designs as "amazing" and "mesmerizing." The pieces and any of his future work is for sale. Contact J Ortiz for a one of a kind design that will surely offer visual satisfaction.

On behalf of J. Ortiz and Rich Reese Management we say Thank you to Point Aim & Shoot Studios TM for capturing Ortiz, his audience, and his spell-binding exhibits. Shout Out to Loscar Creations creative director K'bana Blaq for organizing a lovely evening of art and beauty.

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