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Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center Foyer Gallery Exhibit

The Gallery Exhibit started November 2018 and will be open to the public till January 2019. It's located in the heart of downtown Newport News, VA. The Featured Artist for this time period is Loscar Creations. 

You're probably asking yourself, is Loscar Creations the artists actual name? If you are, the answer is no. His name is J. Ortiz, Loscar Creations is just the company name in which he dedicates to his father. Growing up as a child he watched his father draw or paint numerous things in amazement, so its not far fetched that he himself picked up that creative talent.

Pictured above is one of his most talked about designs, "The Crest Collection" .

The Crest Collection stems from his love of watching midevil themed movies or tv shows like Troy, The last Knights and most recently Game of Thrones. This design is like his shield, the shield which holds the crest of his individuality in todays world.

J. Ortiz will like to introduce the world to his creative spray paint art, he not only wants his art to be visually entertaining to the eyes but he also wants to send a message that “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE" to accomplish any goal in life”. Be Brave. Be patient. Be persistent!!!

Loscar Creations

Ceo: J. Ortiz

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