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Passion & Purpose

You ever took a moment and asked yourself, who am I? What am I passionate about? What is my purpose? How will I know when the work I do matters?

Life is full of questions and quite often they go unanswered. When you're passionate about something it's very emotional, wild and exciting. The reason being is because many of us spend a lifetime chasing instant gratification. We want the recognition without the arduous work. Short cuts have become a way of life in our society. It has come to a point where people have a lack of regard for others as human beings and just look at them as another way to obtain a certain status in life, and if you are not a person that they can benefit from than they have no use for you. Many people call it Cutthroat; I call it failing before you even start. While you may feel the highs of success quickly, it is short lived, and the outcome is living with the regret of your actions.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “nothing worth having comes easy.” Hard work is the foundation to a life of fulfillment. It is within the beauty of hard work that we become our truest purest form of a person because it is then that we understand the sacrifice it takes to get to where we want to be in life. This is the point where life lessons become relevant, and we gain experiences that surpass the most basic form of human understanding. It is not often that we envy or admire those that have led easy lives, but it is those with a story to tell that we look up too the most, because they did not allow their obstacles to define or discourage them, yet they persevered and did it with grace.


We all want a career doing what we are passionate about; but sometimes we must do things that are not so glamourous because it not only builds character and eventually leads us to a place we want to be in life, but it equips us to one day become a leader for those that will come after.

Take your time, enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges, learn, grow, and trust the process.


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