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I can list many reasons to keep moving forward, but for this blogs sake I'll only touch on some. I apologize in advance(I have a lot on my mind today). Enjoy!

*This blog is mainly for those(myself included) who let their feet drag at any point in their life. I'm not referring to one specific thing, it can be a relationship, school or even a job. Who knows, Maybe it’s your personal health and going to the gym or something else IMPORTANT TO YOU. Regardless of what “IT” is, if it’s important to you and you’ve come to a stand-still, this blog is for you. 

*Many times in life, we really hold ourselves back. We get stuck in a rut. We let the fear deep down immobilize us, or we simply ignore that feeling inside to do what we want to do. All I know is this, in the game of life, moving forward is imperative!!! *Okay so with all that said, here's my reasons to 

KEEP MOVING FORWARD ....There's one thing that's inevitable, and that's CHANGE! No sense fighting and arguing, just get on board with it! literally, there's nothing you can do to prevent yourself from moving forward. You can do the same things day to day or even sit on your couch doing nothing. Sure, but let me tell you this, life will continue to evolve all around you. This moment you're in will only last for a moment, and IT WILL EVOLVE into something else. Something better, or even something worse if you don't pick-up your feet and move with the times. -Related Article: Your Momentum Is Critical to the Law of Attraction ....Energy, there's energy being used in every motion we make. Every thought that comes to mind.  Speaking for myself,  the best feeling in the world is making the climb to a goal. Whether I'm running down a ball hit deep to leftfield or breaking away from a defender on my way to the endzone. Even spraying the first color of paint on a fresh canvas. When you set your sights on something and start moving toward it, inevitably the energy ramps up until you are riding high on the momentum. Now to be absolutely clear, the first few steps might not give you the full energy, but trust that as long as you put one foot in front of the next the energy will build and build and build and build, giving you a greater zest for life! (I dont know why I said zest, must have thought about the soap) jk.

....The truth is, where you are doesn’t mean diddly squat. Some would say we’re all only as good as our last achievement. Even if you win 200 million dollars today in the lottery, trust and believe me, the win will only fulfill you for a period of time. There is no such thing as "resting on your laurels"(if you dont understand that term look it up).

Life is all about the journey forward. Life is a ride, life is not a destination. In this life we have forward momentum. Most times we drag our feet worried about what we don’t like about where we currently are, instead of focusing on the journey forward.  "So get out of your own head, and realize that those who choose to pursue their goals step by step are the ones that meet them!" ....One thing that can be a real drag is Complacency. At times in life we've stuck around certain situations way past their expiration date just being complacent. Now let me backtrack a bit, there is absoulety nothing wrong with sticking around. If you stick around make sure it's something that works, something you can build, something with a future. 

When that passion/excitement is gone and you stick around, you'll do nothing but feel down and drained.  Keep moving forward, never let complacency win! I'm no professional by far, but I have lived long enough and experienced enough to form a educated opinion on the subject. Hopefully you've taken away something great from this blog, till next time take care!

J. Ortiz

All photos shown are courtesy of Rich Reese Mgt.

Feel free to comment below. 

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