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J. Ortiz pictured here at the DÉBUT calendar release party.

Let's take this blog back to 2017 (which is not far back at all)... What a way to end the year on a high note. Not only did the DÉBUT CALENDAR do great, it caught wind with the news. This was not only a win for me, but also a win for my family, friends, supporters and Rich Reese management as a whole. Daily Press reporter Mike Holtsclaw felt it was necessary to get the word out about Début.

"Man makes calendar that encourages mental health prevention, treatment and awareness ".  That's one of the quotes from the newspaper article along with many other important messages about mental health awareness.  

The success from Débuts release sparked interest in many people and started the ball rolling for 2018. The hard work put forth by Rich Reese management landed a future interview with the Coast Jan 18th, which leads into another interview in ATL on the Michael & Joi morning show

Much more to come as January is only the beginning... keep supporting, keep coming back to stay updated. Feel free to comment  or leave messages. Thank you again for the support. 


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