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Pictured here: K'bana Blaq

Captured by: Dexter Cohen

VOTE VOTE VOTE, for Kbana Blaq. 5 nominations in the categories of Album of the year, song of the year, R&B artist of the year, live performer of the year and live music performer of the year. Now tell me, how else was I supposed to start off with blog.  haha... You can stop reading right now if you want, just click the link provided and vote for K'BANA BLAQ

 (copy and paste link into your web browser)

K'bana Blaq Live at his Blaq Revival Concert

Captured by: Glenn Woodell Photography

Location: The Norva (Norfolk, VA) 

If you're still reading this blog then you, are the REAL MVP.  Thank you for sticking around. 

The reason I've already casted my votes for Mr. Blaq is simple. He is on the Rich Reese Label with Sonja and I. It's actually not that simple because there are many reasons, I'll  go down the list. 




Clothing designer



Creative director 

Film director


Graphics designer

Community activist for P.A.B.

I can keep going but that should  give you a clear picture  of the talent he has.  

You can also purchase his latest album called 'EVE OF 17' on

(copy and paste link into your web browser) 

Remember to always leave a comment or suggestion. Thank you for reading. 

J. Ortiz

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