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J. Ortiz was spotted on Coast Live WTKR Television Program, Norfolk, Virginia on January 18, 2018 sporting an award-winning smile with a burst of color from his clothing selection.  He entered the room with humbleness and a strong demeanor. Ortiz states that he was a little nervous about being in front of the cameras but as always his presentation is as flawless as his body. 

Ortiz the Actor, Model, and Artist created a warm environment from his presence as he discussed his calendar DÈBUT which showcases his manly features as a Model while bringing awareness to Mental Health. "Well done" was the response of family and friends after the show as they proudly wrote to him on Facebook and Instagram in mass numbers. 

Our shout out goes to Letitia Laurien for teaming up with Ortiz for the Mental Health Awareness Project that produced the calendar known as DÈBUT. Salute!

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